Hi everyone, 😊

Hope you are all well.

Thought I would like to give you an update so far on how I am doing. I have been incredibly busy and things are becoming a lot more positive recently, that I am really enjoying myself right now! Since I have been engrossed doing my hobbies such as my screen acting, I have really enjoyed it and learnt so much. I now have that passion again and really want to start taking it more seriously. Plus, I made some lovely friends along the way. I now have joined the gym again! Which, I never thought I would hear myself saying that after a while. I put it on hold during the lockdown as I focused on long walks and wasn’t feeling confident, but have now started to enjoy doing a workout and feel so much more better physically and mentally – A newfound confidence which I have discovered in myself (A ‘new me’ basically!) Surrounding myself with positive energy really does bring good things and I’m sure there is plenty more to come.

I did have a minor set back a few months ago. It made me question my faith and trust in humanity. But that chapter is now over! I have bounced back, like I always have – since everything that has happened and my ongoing journey. I am a fighter and will keep fighting to achieve my goals and dreams, and that they one day will come true. I had never liked myself very much growing up and always tried to become an extension of myself so I could be more accepted and liked. But the truth is, I am liked for who I am. So the key thing is just BE YOU! Be your authentic self, and the personality and amazing qualities you have will shine through. If you bring positivity into your life, then others will gravitate towards it. That is a fact!

I suppose now…my next step is to keep carrying on and stay busy. I actually have a holiday to look forward to in a couple of months with some close friends. I cannot wait!!

Stay tuned 🙂

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