Another update

Hi everyone,

Hope you are well! I have recently got back from holiday with my two close friends. It was absolutely amazing! To be honest, I haven’t been on holiday in over 5 years so I am glad I managed to do it this year. It has definitely given me a taste to travel to more places and I’m adding more to my bucket list already. We flew to Prague and spent an incredible three days there. It might not sound enough but trust me, there is a lot you can do in three days if you make sure you’re up early. Annoyingly, we had to endure drizzling rain and was a little cold but the vibe and festive markets that was slowly appearing made it feel much warmer. The huge benefit about the trip was how cheap everything was. So we had taken more than enough currency with us.

First night, we mainly explored the square of Prague 1 where our hotel was situated in. It was very near Mustek station, which is one the main train lines in Prague. Took photos of very beautiful buildings and the main attractions such as the Astronomical Clock and Church of our Lady before Tyn. We then went to a few Czech bars and restaurants. I tried a dish very similar to the famous ‘Goulash’. Delicious!

The first full day, we got up early and made the most of it. First taking a tour of the Astromical Clock tower, which took us all the way up and that was a fantastic view. We then took a train to Karlstejn. There’s a very well known Gothic Castle called Karlstejn Castle that dates back to the period of the reign of Charles IV – King of Bohemia. I am not big on my history but I was fascinated by how beautiful it was. Everything was so well preserved and looked completely untouched. You did have some people who were doing maintenance work on the structure of it but other than that, it was completely solid. I know that on some tours, you’re not allowed to take photos but fortunately we could – as long as it wasn’t flash photography. It was a whole day trip as it involved a lot of walking up steep slopes and it was around 40-45 mins getting there and back. I must have done over 10 miles on my fitness watch haha! In the evening, we went to some nice bars and restaurants. In particular, The White Horse. We had also gone to Prague during their National holiday so that evening was pretty manic in the streets. Protests taking place and music playing. Some kind of Czech pop mixed with British pop music so that was pretty interesting..

The last full day, we explored Prague castle – right in the square and took a tour around the grounds. We visited the St Vitis Cathedral. Absolutely astonishing! It was so huge inside and every stained glass window was different and all told a story. The whole interior has been designed with such precision and accuracy and everything was intricately detailed. Beautiful shrines and organs. Very impressive for something that was built hundreds of years ago. The rest of the day we did more walking around and visited some museums and shops. We even had a nice surprise of snow! Must have been a couple of inches but it settled and looked very pretty on the cobbled streets.

Our last morning was spent wandering around the shops and getting ready for the flight home. I will definitely be coming back to Prague. An amazing experience and I won’t forget it.

I’ll be back with another update soon which may be after Christmas. Here are some photos. Enjoy!

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