My Story

A lot goes on in three years (Part 4)

I told my family the news and they were so pleased and happy for me. I can finally get the happiness and freedom that I deserve. The sooner I get out of there, the better.

I got stuff ready for the move and Radha had been busy with her family so we didn’t see much of each other apart from the evenings. So I kept her sweet by being civil and just kept to myself. I bought large bags and boxes and stored them all in my room. It was a bit cramped but I didn’t care. I found it quite exciting. Marie called and gave me even better news of moving in the next week. I was thrilled. I did explain that I gave Radha a months notice and she said it’s absolutely fine I can move in straight away.

Just when I thought there were no more problems it didn’t quite end there. I told Radha that I’ll be moving the next week. A van will be arriving on the Monday in the morning.

‘Well.. I’m sorry,’ she scoffed. ‘But you’ve broken the contract’.

‘What contract?’ I asked confused. I had apparently broken a clause in the contract. The damn contract that I still couldn’t find. ‘Because you are leaving before the month ends, you’ve broken the contract so you need to pay me back’.

‘What? I gave you the deposit and one month’s rent in advance when I moved in so no, I don’t need to pay anything. I gave you a months notice. That’s normal standard procedures,’ I explained getting irritated. ‘Eh, excuse me!’ She snapped while feeding one of her grandkids at the table. ‘ I am a landlady. I think I know how it all works, alright? Those are the rules.’ ‘No…Radha you are definitely wrong’, I disagreed.

‘Fine!’ She sighed heavily. I’ll have a look at the contract. Where’s your contract? You should have your copy!’ I stressed to her that I hadn’t been able to find it anywhere and if I could just have a look at her one, I can check carefully. But she was a bit funny about it and refused. ‘Well.. can’t I look at one you said you keep in your drawer?’ I suggested. ‘Don’t you go sneaking though my stuff!’ she snapped. I knew for a while that the trust she had for me had never really been there so this wasn’t new. ‘Umm.. I wasn’t going to…I only asked’. I gave her a suspicious stare. She headed out the house to go shopping. I tried to have a look in her drawer to try and prove she was lying but there was too much paperwork in there it wasn’t worth taking it all out and getting it all mixed up. She knew what she was doing. It was clear she had moved it somewhere or taken mine ….somehow.

I was messaging Robbie about this and he was furious. ‘How dare she?! She has no right to do this. You might as well just leave the house now and don’t bother talking to her. Don’t even breathe the same air as her!’ I went for a long walk and phoned Mike if he wanted to go for a drink. Robbie even sent texts saying that everything she is doing in the contract is fake. She’s got someone to draw one up for her because she obviously has no idea how to be one. People I knew who were working for councils and some who are professional landlords, all said it was absolutely ridiculous and dodgy as hell. I even called my relative who helped out with mums funeral who also has a doctorate in law. He insisted I leave and not pay her a penny.

I remember Radha mentioning a long time ago when I moved in that her friend wrote the contract. But I thought that was because she couldn’t type very well or spell things correctly. That probably explains when I also overheard a conversation on the stairs between Radha and her ‘friend’ who wrote up the contract discussing how much I need to owe her. As I suspected, she didn’t want it via bank transfer and just pay her cash in hand like I always did. It was even more weird when Radha said back to me that if I give her the money via bank transfer it might not go through and that I will have won.

This is just way too weird beyond words. She was just doing this to frighten me but she didn’t have a leg to stand on. I didn’t think she realised how stupid she really was.

So on the Monday, the van finally arrived after a bit of a delay in traffic and everything was ready to go. The removal men were so quick and helpful. Robbie arrived to give them a hand and also to be there as support just in case things got nasty between me and her. I handed the keys over. Now was my moment to finally get back at her.

‘Radha, here are your keys. Thanks for having me. I’m off.’

‘Oh.. okay thanks’, she said a little confused. I began to walk out and get in the van. ‘Wait!’ she called out. Where my money?’

‘Oh.. yes. I ain’t giving you nothing!’ I grinned’. The look of shock on her face was a picture and then turned into a scowl. She couldn’t do anything about it now. I had won. ‘Well then. You know where you can go love!’, she hissed back at me.

I waved at her mockingly. ‘Byeee!! I shut the door, jumped in the van and we drove off finally out of sight. Robbie got into a cab and followed us to home. My new home.

I was out. I was free…

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