My Story

Onwards & Upwards

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. It has been one hell of a journey and I really hope you have enjoyed it. I also hope that it has given you some comfort and something you can really relate to from your own personal experiences. These real – life events and personal experiences that my brother and I have gone through and witnessed, have made us both grow into very strong young people, and have given us the inner- strength to go forward and live our lives to the best we can. Most importantly, to be happy because nothing else could get any worse and we have both proven to ourselves that we could get through anything.

I named my blog Butterflies and Rainbows, because our parents deaths have personally left us both symbolic and profound messages – signs of that they’re both happy and at peace, and that wherever they are in another world, dimension or some kind of spiritual realm, they will always be with us.

I was never a spiritual person or religious growing up, as briefly explained in my posts. But now I realise that there is so much more beyond than this life on earth. We are born, we learn, we grow and we eventually die. But it cannot just be that! Being carried for 9 months in the womb, then living and then dying would be such a waste and there will be no point as to why we are here. Us human beings are capable of love – and love is the most powerful human emotion and deep connection that we have innately been blessed with. And I’d like to think that once you leave this world, you can take it with you far and beyond and that bond can never be broken. Like the famous words from Sam from the movie, Ghost. ‘It’s amazing, Mollie. The love inside, you take it with you…”

Oh, and one more thing.

I moved in to Robbie’s and within the space of two years, I’m enjoying life again. I am a lot happier and with the tremendous help from Summer, I managed to get a new job in the city and so far, doing really well. It’s only onwards and upwards from now on. Max is doing extremely well in Norfolk and leading his own life. We stay in touch regularly and we always update on how we’re getting on. In regards to Radha, she is no longer in my life anymore and I can now put it all behind me.

So that’s my journey. Katie’s journey.

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