Starting over at 30..

There’s always that fear when we reach the big ‘30’ that we haven’t achieved what we wanted to achieve. Whether it’s getting married, having kids, owning a house or progressing at a certain stage in our careers. But actually, there isn’t anything to worry about because there is no set timeframe of when we should achieve or should have achieved something. There is no race in life and that everyone should go through life at their own pace. Unfortunately, it’s the pressures of modern society that have enabled us to have these expectations. It’s like a dreamworld and life certainly does NOT work like that!

Life is very difficult, and I guess much more so than it ever has been before. Our lifestyles are different and the cost of living just keeps going up. It is very hard to keep a level of stability when we are very unsure of what life throws at us next.

So being 30 may sound scary. But for me, it is only the beginning. Throughout my 20’s there were too many lows that I went through and as a result, left me very cautious and not experience life to the full because I was too afraid. So I remained a safe distance to protect myself and because of the trauma and experiences, I had missed out on a lot. So now, it is my time to start over and do the things that I enjoy. I am very into my theatre and acting so that’s one of my passions I would like to get back into. Another is travelling. I haven’t been to many places growing up. We had gone as a family to places around Spain and Greece, but never anywhere further. So I am going to make a bucket list of my desired places to visit and make the most of it and have fun…

Another thing when you reach this age is the realisation of friendships and good solid ones. Once you make these friendships, don’t let them go and keep them close. When you’re younger and at school, the aim was to be as popular as you can and if you couldn’t do that, it felt like it was the end of the world! It’s not until you either go to college, university or even just working, joining clubs and meeting mutual friends there, you realise it doesn’t really matter and that a few are the ones that last a lifetime. As the old cliche ‘It’s quality, not quantity’. I had always had issues with friends growing up. I never really had a best friend. Someone who understood me and connect on an amazing level. It just never happened and unfortunately there were many girls in friendship groups who were just users and would dump you as soon as the next one arrived in the group. It was very hard for me and I would come home in tears to my mum and wonder what the hell was wrong with me or what I was doing wrong. But she always reassured me that it was never me, it’s them. I just had to find and look for them in the right places. I have had what I thought were best friends at the time, but you realise that they didn’t value you enough to be part of your life so the best thing is to cut them off completely. When you had been there for them and they didn’t do the same for you in return because they completely forgot as they were too wrapped up and self- absorbed in their own lives that it becomes about them all the time. I have learned you need to cut those people out of your life too. It might take some time to meet new people but once you have met them it will all be worth it in the end. I’ve yet to meet those!

I would say being this age is the age where you are more sure of yourself and know what you want. I know that what I want right now is to start travelling, meeting new people and enjoying my hobbies – even new ones I might find.

30’s are the new 20’s. Don’t worry about anything..

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