Sometimes in life, things happen – good or bad. Sometimes things in life are beyond our control. We have our highs and exciting times in life and the very down lows – sometimes it can be very dark and the fear that there is no light at the end of the tunnel. And when we are low, it is very important that we try and stay as strong as possible. Having a good support network around you to get through the bad times. As hard as it is, you have to try and be as strong as you can. Being happy is the core to living life. So my advice to you, is to grab happiness with both hands and never let go. Despite that life can be so cruel, it can also be so amazing!

Life is also about moving on and moving forward. If there was a time machine invented, there would be a million things I would go and change or erase but it’s absolutely impossible.. and also, we wouldn’t learn from mistakes. It would be almost too perfect. The only thing I would change is bringing back loved ones we have all lost. But then thinking about it, losing both my parents has made me the strong person I am today and if they were still around I might not have become a strong person and found life too difficult to deal with..

Also, sometimes things don’t work out- whether it’ll be relationships or friendships, or even not getting the job you wanted. I believe things happen for a reason. Each thing has an expiration date and things eventually fade and grow apart. All of us as humans are growing and developing; even trying to find ourselves and make sense of this crazy world we live in. You only have one life so go and live it! If there is something you enjoy and it makes you happy, do it! If there is a side of yourself you need to explore, explore it! If you want to make money, go and make it! If you want to save up and go travelling in this big wide world, go and do it! We also have our dreams too and so if you have a dream, go and pursue that dream. It might even come true..

Recently, I came to a huge bump in the road but now I am slowly going over that bump and will seek happiness again. When it comes, I will grab it with both hands and never let go!

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