My Story

Moving on (continued)

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A familiar song started playing in the little jewellery shop. A song that most of the world know and has touched so many hearts.

Somewhere over the rainbow…’

We all looked at each other with shock. I looked at Mum and watched her hands tremble, and the look of deep anguish spread across her face.  She suddenly started sobbing which I really found unbearable to see. She was so distraught and feeling vulnerable, I wished I could make the pain disappear.

‘This is too weird, kids’, Mum sobbed. ‘What if this is another sign? I..can’t take it!’

‘It’s okay Mum, just stay calm’, I said gently and stroked her hair. ‘Maybe it is, he’s really here with us’. She looked up at me, smiled and nodded her head. ‘You’re right love, he’s here. ‘It’s definitely a sign..’ she said to herself quietly. I took her hand and we walked out of the shop, and went to tell the others what happened. They were very surprised too.

Later on, we had dinner back at our Aunt and Uncle’s. Everyone started to reminisce about old times, their own lives and what it was like growing up. There were plenty of laughs and giggles and when I saw Mum laughing too, it made me feel so pleased she could still be herself – even if it was for only that moment. I knew that she would never feel the same again but she was doing so well. I was very proud of her. She’s strong and I knew that she will get through this.

When we all eventually headed off to bed, I came into the room that my mum was sleeping in and climbed in the bed next to her and kissed her goodnight.

‘Goodnight Mum, I love you’.

‘Ditto, love, I don’t know what I would have done without you, kids’.

I hugged her tightly and stroked her head.

A couple of weeks since staying in Kent, more signs and coincidences had come our way. We were seeing rainbows everywhere! We weren’t even looking for them, they just appeared before our very eyes. It still felt very odd at times, but it was becoming a lot easier to deal with once we had seen one.

However, there was one thing that mum had not told us until later on which was even more strange. She explained to us that every night her nose made a gentle clicking sensation when she kissed a photograph of dad on the bedside table. It was only the one click that she felt just on the bridge of her nose. ‘What does that mean?’ I asked. ‘I don’t know’, she replied. ‘But I know because your Uncle Kevin told me he felt it too’.

‘Really?’ Max and I both said at once. She explained that when she and Uncle Kevin had visited dad in the chapel of rest to say their goodbyes, she bent down to kiss his forehead and felt a strange clicking sensation on her nose. Even Kevin had said that his nose felt a bit sore too on his way back home. Our family were all starting to notice little signs and coincidences – some kind of deep spiritual connection.

Surely enough, Mum had kissed a small picture of our dad that she had kept in her purse and when I said goodnight to her later on, she suddenly felt the click.

‘ I’ve felt it again guys!’ Mum cried out with delight. Max and I smiled at each other. He put his arm around my shoulder and we both looked up through the window at the night sky watching the stars.

‘We love you, Dad..’








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