2023 so far

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all well. I haven’t posted in a while as my life is so incredibly busy now. So I thought I would update you on how I’m doing.

So, I decided 2023 was going to be the year for me. I wanted to improve my mental as well as physical health and carried on with the gym and take up long walks again, which has really helped me and I’m seeing positive results! I have had the amazing opportunity from good friends to carry on pursuing my dream and things are really coming along nicely. Plus, I managed to move on and start a new job. I’ve had one slight worry this year but luckily it took a positive turn of fate, so thank goodness for that! Just carry on and keeping this positive mindset is really working for the better.

I would say keep on thriving and progressing as an individual. Whether it be fitness, new goals or dreams, just do it. Try your best to avoid staying in a comfort zone because you don’t know what could come from it if you do take that step out and, who knows? You might actually enjoy it! It’s also very easy to slide into habits so try not to slip, Haha! Pardon the pun.

Keep spending time with friends, family and the people you love who support and encourage you to grow. As I have said before, life has no limits. Go crazy, go wild, go live life. We’re all here for a good time, not a long time..

I’ll be back again soon with another update and I’ll try not to be too long this time. Thanks again for following my ongoing journey. Bye! X

Me 😊

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