My Story

A lot goes on in three years (part 1)

So I carried on working and feeling much more at ease since Veronica left. However, there was still the issue of then trying to find another place to move to again, as Sara was getting too caught up in the middle of us and although she sympathised, she obviously was going to put her daughter first and insisted I leave as soon as possible. ‘ I’m sorry it’s come to this and I feel terrible for what you’re going through Katie, but you need to leave’ , she said in an stressed tone while mopping the kitchen. ‘Veronica is not in a fit state mentally and I just can’t deal with the stress’ . But both her and Graham advised they would help me out with the deposit to find a new place to live and then pay them back when I’m ready. My stuff was still there and I was making multiple trips back and forth picking up more of my clothes and toiletries. Robbie’s family were very welcoming and his mum, Marie assured me to treat her place as if it was my own home. I had spent roughly two weeks there and within that time, Robbie was helping me look online for single rooms to rent. Very challenging and sometimes the agents or landlords didn’t contact me, but Robbie insisted I wouldn’t give up trying. He was still at university at the time so when he was away for the day, I would relax in his bedroom watching tv, or on the computer, and his mum kindly cooked lunch and dinner for me. It was absolutely lovely and I felt so safe and cosy in their home. It was the first time I had a good sleep in ages.

I managed to speak with my colleague, Jacqueline during work and she suggested I’d get in touch with her friend who also worked there on the checkouts. She said she had been renting out rooms in her house for a few years and she might have one available at the moment. It was steep and a bit out of my budget but it was the best that I could get in my area. London rental prices as we know, are very expensive.

She went by the name, Radha. Jacqueline gave me her details and I sent her a text asking if I could view her room if it was available. She was very quick at replying and after telling Robbie the somewhat positive news later in the evening, I arranged a date for a viewing. Also, it was very convenient as it was so close to my work. One bus ride away that only took 15 mins.

Radha greeted me out on the driveway of her house. She felt a little embarrassed as she hadn’t got properly dressed to see me. She was in her dressing gown and slippers but that didn’t bother me at all. It was a lovely house. It was a terraced house with two large white lion statues on either side. It had an open plan dining and living room. She led me to the extension on the left – adjacent to the living room and in the corner was a spare bedroom. I took a moment to take it in. It was a decent size and although there was a few cabinets and small wardrobes that took up a bit of space to move around, it seemed very ideal for me.

‘So..what was the price a month?’ I asked nervously.

‘ It’s £475 for the deposit and same for one month’s rent. It might go up a little after 6 months but I will let you know beforehand. Are you interested then?’ She asked with a smile. There was no time to think about it as she had other people coming, and I knew I couldn’t stay at Robbie’s place forever. ‘ Yes, I’ve made my decision. I’ll take it’. She was very pleased and I told Robbie and his family the good news. I also kept Max posted too. He was slowly settling in with Uncle Brian until he found himself a place and a new job.

Within a few days, I got everything boxed up and packed. Radha told me her son was a cab driver so she said he would help me out with putting the boxes into the back of his 7 – seater. I gave Sara and Gavin their best wishes and despite everything, I thanked them for putting me up. I also called up Robbie and his family and thanked them too for letting me stay at theirs. Those two weeks went by very fast.

Radha’s son drove by Veronica’s house where I was waiting at the front door. He helped me with the boxes and I also helped out with the furniture. Once it was all done, he drove me to the house. I paid him a small fee and Radha was ready for us at the door to bring everything into my new room.

I can finally start over and begin my new life’ I thought to myself. What would finally seem like a lucky break and the time to start afresh would now only be a dream. Yes, there was more drama and problems coming my way and I didn’t even know it, yet….

To be continued.

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