My Story

Can’t Breathe..

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I called the ambulance and they were very patient and kind when I struggled to explain what exactly was going on through my distressed tone of voice. They arrived very quickly and attended to Mum, and they placed her gently on the stretcher. She was crying and moaning in absolute agony. ‘Please, help me!’ she started to exclaim. I followed them as they took her out downstairs to the entrance . ‘It’s alright, darling. Stay calm, we’ll get you there as soon as we can’, one of the paramedics assured her gently. Max came with me and had to leave the dog behind with one of the neighbours as the poor thing got anxious quite easily when we left him alone.

We got into the back of the ambulance and held mum’s hand as they slowly started to drive out and onto the main road. ‘Its okay, Mum. You’re gonna be fine’, we both said. The neighbour wandered out to ask if we needed any help but we assured him it was fine and thanked him. I let the paramedics monitor her and ask her questions when suddenly she started heaving. ‘I need to be sick, I’m gonna be sick!’. They grabbed an empty egg box and she started to retch which started to really distress me. But what came out was worse. Much, much worse…

It was blood. Bright red, fresh raw blood! My heart stopped, I couldn’t breathe. ‘Help her, please!’ I cried out. Tears were streaming down my face. I looked behind and saw Max crying silently in the corner. We felt completely helpless. The paramedics did the best they could and they managed to stop the vomiting after a few minutes, and gave her some anti-sickness pills. She fell back down exhausted. ‘That’s it kids. I’m finished’, she started weeping . ‘No, mum’, I pleaded. ‘You’re going to be okay. Just hang in there!’ I took a deep breath and tried to look away from her to avoid seeing me cry but it was impossible. Max grabbed my hand and gently squeezed it to comfort me.

Within 15 minutes, we finally arrived at A&E and she was rushed inside. I called the family and urged them to come to the hospital as quickly as possible. I even called James but we were having major issues with him and it wasn’t the right time to talk but he still had a right to know. We were told to stay and wait until the doctors found out what was wrong.

We were finally called in after nearly an hour and taken to the resuscitation room. There she was. Lying there completely motionless in a curled up position. It was so saddening to see. She looked so fragile. I watched the nurses monitor her heart and blood pressure very closely. ‘It appears that there has been an internal bleed’, the doctor began to say. ‘A bleed?’ I asked with shock. ‘Where?’. ‘We are unsure where… but we will keep a close eye on her and once we find the source of where the bleeding has come from, we can go from there’, he explained. ‘ Is she going to be okay? I asked anxiously. ‘She’s stable but internal bleeding is very dangerous. That’s why it’s crucial that we need to pinpoint exactly where it started from and do a few more tests’. ‘Okay, thanks’, Max and I said and both watched him walk away. We sat down and quietly looked at her while we waited for the others to arrive.

After a while, I took a breather and went to the ladies toilets. ‘My poor mum..’ I said to myself and cried. It was the most traumatic thing I have ever experienced in my entire life…




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