My Story

Keeping Busy & Early Days

Each year that was passing by was getting a little bit easier. By this point, it had been 4 years already. Within that time, Max and I were working full time, Mum had got a dog to keep herself busy but it also had brought such joy and helped to fill in part of the emptiness. I was so glad that she did as we had always wanted a dog from such a young age but we never got the opportunity. He was such a cute little thing – a brown and white King Charles Spaniel with a cheeky, smart and loveable personality to match. He could be a ‘pain in the neck’ sometimes and always had a way of making us feel guilty. I think it was down to his expressive face and wide, dark brown eyes which always held a ‘sad’ look. He was such a laugh and everybody in the neighbourhood would pass by and admire his beautiful patterned coat and distinctive feathery paws.

Also, Mum had now become a first-time grandmother to James’ two children. There was a period where we had few issues with James the first year Dad died. Although he had met someone and got into a relationship pretty quickly, he immediately wanted to move away when Mum needed him the most as he was technically the next ‘man of the house’. But after a few heated rows, they managed to resolve their differences.

Of course, I might as well tell you how Max I came into the world. As I had said very early in the blog, I mentioned that James was our adoptive brother. Mum and Dad had got accepted into adoption as they thought they couldn’t have kids. It was a tough time for both of them as the adoption process is extremely long and the Adoption Association and the courts would open you up like an book inside out. They finally got what they wanted. It took them at least 15 years of trying but one day, when James was 6 and a half years, Mum fell pregnant with not just one but twins! Mum was very anxious and worried because for her age, which was her late 30’s and there was a potential high risk of her children having Down’s Syndrome. She seemed to feel it was still hereditary, even though her brother had it. But she kept fit, snacked on fruits and vegetables and carried us full-term which was very good for her age as some twins can be born premature. Max was born first. Both of us were too stubborn to come out. Haha! Max weighed at 6 pounds 7oz, whereas I came out weighing 4 pounds 6oz. Mum looked at me worrying like mad because my eyes had sunken in, and that I had shown one of the Down’s syndrome facial characteristics. She had asked one of the midwives. ‘Of course not! She’s just a bit underweight, that’s all’, the midwife smiled and reassured her. ‘Ooh, thank God! ‘ Mum replied with relief.

Within a couple of weeks of being in a special unit to fatten me up, I was finally ready to go home. I strongly believe that if you really want something badly enough, you will get it. That’s exactly what happened with them.

You will get it. Eventually.

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